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I, Ron Pratt worked with the above customer while trying to come to an agreement on a vehicle. I tried several nice says to tell him that because of his credit he could not purchase the vehicle he wanted due to a low becon score.

I'm sorry he feels poorly about us at Oak Ridge Nissan. I can only do and we can only do what a customers credit will allow us to do. As for going to Toyota or Honda I assure you they will not be able to finance the type of money this customer was demanding.

My voice was never above normal level and I was the third salesman who attempted to help this customer.


Ron Pratt

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Really? With his daughter? That's low.


I would not buy a car from someone who cannot even give a straight answer, this man seems to be a car salesman for sure doing anything to sale a car !!!

Mannford, Oklahoma, United States #937931

Uh... I'm confused as well.

First I thought it was the customer but now I don't know. I understand how it feels to get a *** customer but this isn't professional conduct here. If you are doing all that you can do then you can simply direct the customer to another car dealer if you feel that they can be helped. Even if you can't, you don't do this.

If that is the customer, I find it weird how you would have a picture of the customer unless you know this guy and was the one taking that picture in what is clearly in a house.

Not a car dealership. If somebody that I don't know had a picture of me I might find it a little disturbing.

Nashville, Tennessee, United States #937072

The photo is of me, Ron Pratt and I am a very honest and professional man. I am deeply disturbed by this comment which is grossly untrue and blatantly dishonest.

Ron Pratt

to Anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #937080

This is confusing. You say the above man was the customer but now say it's you.

Either way, trying to argue your case here is bad business. Customers air dirty laundry here, not businesses.

Queens Village, New York, United States #937020

That is a picture of the customer. And if the consumer is going to say something wrong or illegitimate about them company can defend itself.

to Anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #937068

Can, yes. Just not here.

It's unprofessional.

Now that you mention it, he does say that the photo is the customer. That makes it worse.

Houston, Texas, United States #936943

This is a poor place to hash out differences. If you are the consumer, that's one thing but if you are the business it doesn't look good.

And putting a picture of yourself being gentle with a child doesn't make you look honorable - it makes you look desperate. Handle things professionally and discreetly and you can hold your head up.

to here Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #937055

This is me... You can call me if you like at 865-804-5880 anytime.

Ron Pratt

to Anonymous #1064065

Ron... you just did more damage to your Nissan dealership than any car dealer terrorist.

Settle with the customer and move on. Personally, I don't like the brand, but if I wanted to buy a Nissan, I would not buy it from your dealership.

Go to business school, learn negotiation and good business practice.

You might find something interesting.

Klaus Maartens, Salt Lake City, UT

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